Things you may not know about erectile dysfunction

Impotency is an inability of a man to achieve an erection that is required for a sexual intercourse. There are certain things that you would not know about erectile dysfunction and reading this blog can help you to know about it.

ED linked to diseases

You have to understand that erectile dysfunction is not a single condition and this is developed due to various health issues in your body. People who are suffering from medical ailments like heart problems, diabetes, kidney or liver problems are at high risk of getting impotency.

So, if you find that you have ED then it is important to consult with your doctor and get better ideas about your health.

Medications for ED

If you are a man with ED then you would know about how much sufferings you go through. Women can ask their partners about their concerns towards this condition. Medications like Cialis, Viagra or Levitra can help a man in this situation. More medication for ED available here.

Work place can cause impotency

It might be a surprising fact for you that men who are involved in a stressful job can get impotency. Stress, depression and excessive pressure make a man to lose his ability. You have to do certain change in your work. If this is not possible, then you can go about doing meditation daily.

Bad habits pave way for ED

Consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes would increase the chance of a person of getting affected by impotency. These habits cause negative effects to overall health condition and ED is also one among it.

Drugs triggers impotency

You might be taking some drugs to treat any medical condition but you might get erectile dysfunction as a side effect. Medications taken for heart diseases or mental illness can also trigger impotency. Talk about this ill effect to your doctor and follow his advice.


Though obesity itself is a major issue in a person, this would also cause many bad effects to your body. People who are obese are affected by impotency than those who are at proper weight.


Men when cross the age of 40 would get sexual issues. These days, even younger men are affected by impotency. Though age is not considered to be a major factor, medical ailments and the age combined together seriously has a negative impact.

The root cause of the medical condition has to be found out and this is the only way to address impotency properly. There are many ways followed to get an erection but there is no proper cure for the ailment. It is important that you do some changes in your routine by adding healthy habits to manage the condition in a proper way.